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23 August 2017 @ 11:01 am
HP Cross Gen Fest!  
Hello lovelies! I just wanted to pop in to let you know that the anonymous masterlist went up on Monday over at hp_crossgenfest. This fest is always so great, with such a wide variety of pairings, and if you're at all interested in Cross Gen Harry Potter pairings, you should definitely pop over and take a look at the masterlist to see if anything catches your fancy. Comments (and recs!) are a little down this year, and I'm sure all of the participants would appreciate the love. <3

Art by [personal profile] thilia, Banner by [personal profile] capitu

In the mood for some gorgeous cross gen art? You should definitely check out this seductive Albus Severus/Draco fanart, or this fun and sexy Lily Luna/Severus piece.

Feeling some long!fic? We have loads of choices! Like this 45k Draco/Hugo fic, or this angsty & satisfying 25k Ron/Severus fic, or this 18k Draco/James Sirius bit of awesome.

Or maybe you're craving some het? Because this clever and romantic Hermione/Severus fic is sure to hit the spot.

And there's no shortage of short and sweet either, for those of you looking for a quick read on your lunch break. Just take your pick of this beautifully bittersweet Charlie/Sirius fic, or this dreamy, sensual Percival/Graves fanfic, or maybe this moving Draco/Severus ficlet.

Those are just a couple of examples of some of the varied and wonderful offerings available over at hp_crossgenfest. There are some truly amazing works this year, so I really hope you give the anon masterlist a look over and take a chance on some of the awesome available. Don't forget to leave some love for the creators. And, of course, recs are always welcome if anything particularly resonates. <3

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