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HP Next Gen Fest is NOW POSTING

Hello all! In case you missed it, this year's hp_nextgen_fest started posting last week, and it's chock full of amazing stuff! If you're at all interested in the Harry Potter Next Gen characters, you should definitely drop by the fest and check out what is on offer. There's something for everybody!

Art by [personal profile] anemonen, Banner by [personal profile] capitu

Are you a Albus/Scorpius fan? We've got 20k of Scorbus fic for you right here! And for dessert, stop by and view this fantastically sweet piece of art!

Maybe you much prefer gen fic? If so, no worries, we've got you covered! Fans of Molly Weasley (both of them!) are sure to love this heartwarming fic, and if you love art, you should definitely come and see this beautiful piece of Rose Weasley perfection.

Dirtyhotwrong het more your speed? Well, then, this bit of Teddy/Hermione infidelity!fic is sure to satisfy. And for an added threesome bonus, why not check our this piece of Albus/James/Lily smut

Or maybe, like me, you are all about James/Teddy. Fear not! We've got 15k of amazingness over here, and for something a bit shorter, there's also some filthy club loo smut, and this punk rock gem that comes with it's own fabulous aesthetic!

And those are just a couple of the submissions that have posted so far. We still have another week and a half to go, and there are quite a few more pairings coming! Please consider stopping by and showing our talented writers and artists some love by commenting and reccing your favorites!

[Links take you to the AO3 entries, but all entries are cross-posted to livejournal and to dreamwidth.]

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