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For mxfloydraco: Someday (Draco/Harry, PG-13)

Title: Someday
Author: [personal profile] gracerene
Pairing: Draco/Harry, mention of Ginny/OMC and past Ginny/Harry
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~4,350
Content/Warnings: Harry POV, established relationship, angsty introspection, mentions of past child abduction, implied sexual content
Summary: The thing is, Harry is happy, or mostly happy anyway, and never more so than when he’s with Draco. Sometimes, when they're together, Draco's hands sliding through his hair as he reads or his fingers bruising Harry's hips as their bodies move as one, Harry forgets, if only for a moment, that his son is gone. Harry isn't sure how to feel about that.
Notes: Happy half-birthday, [tumblr.com profile] mxlfloydraco! You were one of the first people in the Drarry fandom I followed on tumblr, and you continue to be such a wonderful and bright spot in the HP fandom. I really appreciate your thoughtful posts and the way you see the characters, and the comments you've left on my fics have really meant a lot to me. I especially appreciate your love and enthusiasm for Jeddy, and particularly the fic I posted last year, The Hidden Side. It was a bit of an out-there idea, and I didn't expect it to get as much love as it did, and it really made my week to see how much you enjoyed it. I wanted to gift you a little something from that 'verse, and though I'd set out to write some Griff and Teddy goodness for you, this is what came out instead. Again, maybe a bit weird for a gift!fic (that seems to be my thing), but I think the overall theme is hopeful, and I know you enjoyed Harry and Draco in the story, so I hope you like it! Shockingly, this does not contain any porn. I apologize in advance. ;)

This is a Harry POV timestamp from The Hidden Side and it takes place the evening after brunch at the Burrow in Chapter 6. It doesn't really work all that well as a stand-alone, so I'd recommend reading The Hidden Side first to understand the context of this fic.

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