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Ride the Crack Broom

crack_broom once again needs fliers, specifically for April, but there are lots of openings for the rest of the year. This community is basically the coolest thing ever and I have already signed up for different pairings through May! If I could sign up for multiple slots per month I totally would, and I already have plans to sign up for the rest of the year This is an especially great resource if you are curious about branching into other pairings and don't really know where to start, or if you become obsessed with a new pairing and want some great fic recommendations! Anyways, they need people to sign up for the various pairings so if you have any fics you think are must-reads (especially from recent fests....) then you should definitely go and sign up! Here is a list of brooms currently open for APRIL, and if you're too busy April, or the broom you want is already taken, you should definitely sign up to rec for other months. It is a ton of fun, I promise! :)

Recommend Your Favourite Fanworks to the HP World!


Sign up for one of the categories for a month and recommend between four and eight fics and up to four other fanworks (art, vid, or podfic) using the template provided. Introduce new joy into the lives of creators and consumers of fanworks. Feel righteously smug. Smile.
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