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Post-Hogwarts Draco/Harry Recs: 35,000 - 50,000 Words

All my Post-Hogwarts Drarry recs between 35,000 - 50,000 words.

In the Warnings section of each entry I have different tags, so if you are looking for something specific (like "auror!draco" for example) just ctrl+f and enter your tag and it should highlight the relevant entries!

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updated January 10, 2020

35,000 - 50,000 Words

Title: The Wand Slipped
Author: [personal profile] sdk
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione, Ginny/Zacharias, past Harry/Ginny
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 35,029
Content/Warnings: past infidelity, case!fic, rimming, bottom!harry, breathplay, [community profile] hpdrizzle 2019
Summary: After a messy, public divorce and a disgraceful exit from the Auror Department, Harry is trying to rebuild his life as a private investigator. But when his ex-wife ends up in St. Mungo's, and Harry's tasked with finding her attacker, he'll have to confront the mistakes of his past, and rely on an old enemy, in order to get closure and move on, and incidentally, solve the case.
Oh my goodness, this fic was so SO good! It pulled me in right from the start and did not let up! The emotions and relationships in this were so fantastic and real in all their messy, complicated glory, and I love how the characters were able to be a little be fucked-up and not always make the best choices without being vilified. The sex here was unbelievably hot, and the ending was wonderfully hopeful. HIGHLY recommend!

Title: Fast Forward, Two Steps Back
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] emmagrant01
Pairing: Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione, Hannah/Neville
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 36,065
Content/Warnings: professor!harry, time travel, teacher/student relationship, first time, rimming, bottom!harry, dracotops_harry 2011
Summary: Everyone knows that Draco Malfoy died in the Room of Requirement ten years ago. So when he suddenly reappears at Hogwarts ten years later, still seventeen years old, Professor Harry Potter's life gets very complicated.
Really fun and sexy with a cool take on the time travel trope. Loved watching the relationship between Harry and Draco unfold seeing how time travel/age difference impacted their interactions. I also really enjoyed dynamics shift the teacher/student relationship. Fun read!

Title: You Send Me (Honest You Do)
Author: [personal profile] firethesound
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 36,990
Content/Warnings: Auror Harry, Auror Draco, Auror partners, deaged, drunk!sex, tattoos, implied bottom!harry, dracotops_harry 2017
Summary: As far as potion accidents go in general, and deaging incidents go in particular, Draco knew this could have been so much worse. Harry only lost about ten years, and all his memories are still intact. But the sight of him looking as if he’s stepped straight out of Draco’s Hogwarts memories has dredged up a whole mess of complicated feelings Draco thought he’d buried years ago, and Draco really doesn’t know what to do with any of it.
Really interesting take on the deaging trope, with Harry's body being sent back to his late teens, but his mind staying the same. I loved how his transformation is sort of the catalyst for Draco being unable to keep his feelings under wraps any longer, and the banter and relationship between them both as Auror partners (and then more!) was just lovely. I also really enjoyed Ron and the other OCs, which added another layer of realism to everything. Great read!

Title: Defendere
Author: [personal profile] lomonaaeren
Pairings: Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 37,247
Content/Warnings: auror!harry, bonding!fic, bottom!harry
Summary: Harry stumbles into a magical ritual meant to enslave Draco, and manages to change the bond so that it leaves Draco with free will and the ability to make decisions even if he is bound to Harry. But that isn't much comfort when it also leaves him with the ability to irritate the hell out of Harry in the name of "guarding" him.
I like that this fic really delves into all the shit that Harry had to deal with as a kid: the Dursleys' abuse, watching Cedric & Sirius die, and, of course, Voldemort. In the books none of the adults seem to be all that concerned about him, and he seems just fine, which doesn't seem all that realistic. I like that this fic addresses some of the possible consequences of his childhood. Not to mention, I'm a sucker for bonding!fics, and Draco acting as Harry's bodyguard and essentially in charge of taking care of Harry in every way was super awesome.

Title: Another Country
Author: [personal profile] lomonaaeren
Rating: Hard R
Pairing: Harry/Draco, implied Ron/Hermione
Word Count: 37,263
Content/Warnings: issues of disability (Harry has brain damage and Narcissa has missing limbs), auror!harry, bottom!harry, disability!fic
Summary: Brain-damaged by a Dark curse, Harry is seeing auras that no one else can see and visions that don't come true and speaking Latin instead of English. The Healers want him to go back to normal. Draco Malfoy thinks his future should be different from his past.
Unique take on the disability fic. I just think latin is so interesting and I love Draco acting as his translator.

Title: The Fear is Just and Illusion
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Sae
Pairing: Draco/Harry, background Ron/Hermione and Ginny/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 37,805
Content/Warnings: first time, outdoor!sex, bottom!harry, dracotops_harry 2017
Summary: Voldemort is dead but the war is far from over. Draco, once again, is torn between protecting his family and doing what is right. Secret meetings, conflicting loyalties, and grey morals bring Harry and him together but it’s also what could threaten to tear them apart.
This fic was so good, OMG! It starts immediately after the final battle, and I just LOVED how it immediately dives into the aftermath. Just because Voldemort is dead doesn't mean the war is over, and I thought the author did a brilliant job bringing to life the remaining Death Eaters and their cause, as well as showing what can happen to the "good" side when grief and pain drives them to seeking vengeance over justice. I really loved Draco and Harry's voices here, and watching them come together, and seeing their relationship develop was lovely. The plot was absolutely captivating, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. SO. GOOD.

Title: A Convenient Impracticality
Author: [personal profile] firethesound
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco (background Ron/Hermione, Dean/Seamus, Ginny/Luna)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~38,000
Content/Warnings: auror!draco, auror!harry, Friends with benefits, fake/pretend relationship, implied switching, shared bed, [community profile] hd_erised 2015
Summary: Somehow Harry ends up agreeing to a fake relationship with his ex-nemesis-turned-friendly-acquaintance-with-benefits, except for some reason it involves an awful lot of actual dating and, sadly, not much sex. Confused? Harry is too, but when has anything with Draco Malfoy ever been as straightforward as it seems?
Oh my goodness, this was such a joy to read. Draco and Harry are wonderfully characterized, and I loved seeing Harry start to fall for Draco once he was forced to spend time dating him and not just having sex with him. Great side characters and a wonderful ending.

♥ ♥ Title: A Tale of Horns Series: The Inaugural "Tongues of Fire" Photographic Wall Calendar,
Mating Rituals of the Winged Predator: How Mr. February Got Almost Everything He Wanted, Claws That Catch: The Fierce Beast in His Lair, Dragon Riding for Beginners – How the Cover Boy Finally Got It
Author: pushdragon
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Draco/Charlie Weasley, Draco/OMC, Harry/OMC, Harry/Ginny
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9,000, 20,000, 5,000, 4,600 (38,600 total)
Content/Warnings: switching, bottom!harry, bottom!draco, rimming, seeker!harry
Summary: Commonly described as "dirty", this features smokin' hot gay dragon tamer Charlie Weasley (platonically) on the side.
So this series is pure smut and OMG some of the hottest I have ever read. Draco is this rich playboy who spends his money on doing the craziest stunts and he meets up with Harry again while doing a sexy calendar photo shoot. The series is realistic and sexy and has a sweet ending. LOVE!

Title: Under the Same Sky
Author: [personal profile] writcraft
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Animal: Dog
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 38,695
Warnings/Content: Puppy play (non-sexual), light Bondage, First Time, Collars, switching, bottom!draco, mostly bottom!harry, auror!harry, past relationship, light praise!kink, light D/s, [community profile] hd_fan_fair's pet fair 2016
Summary: "It wasn’t…” Malfoy stops and there’s something tentative in his voice, the hint of an apology in his words. “It was never about you, Potter."
With memories of the war still fresh on his mind and Malfoy back in London, Harry's past refuses to stay buried. As Harry tries to grapple with life and love, Malfoy seems determined to make him confront his deepest desires and Harry has to try not to lose his heart all over again.
This fic was seriously so good!! I know puppy play is definitely not everybody's thing, and it's not something I generally look for in fic, but it was so wonderfully written here and I highly recommend you give this a chance, even if it's not a kink you tend to read. It's not even about sex, really, it's about Harry wanting to let go, needing a place where he can feel safe and loved and let go of all the chaos in his mind. The kink negotiation here is wonderful, watching Draco slowly coax Harry out of his shell and getting him to admit his desires. The two of them fit together so perfectly. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the sex, which is seriously smoking hot on top of everything else. Seriously, give this fic a shot, you won't be disappointed!

Title: dirtynumbangelboy
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] magpie_fngrl
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, past Harry/OMC background Ron/Hermione, Ginny/Astoria, Pansy/OMC, Daphne/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~39,400
Content/Warnings: fake/pretend relationship, bottom!draco, auror!harry, club!fic, [community profile] hd_erised 2017
Summary: After Harry’s unfortunate encounter with his ex, Draco Malfoy makes him a proposition. Draco wants his parents to stop matchmaking him, Harry wants to make his ex jealous. All they need to do is simply pretend they’re in love. Problem is… Draco already is.
Fabulously gritty fake/pretend relationship fic. The characters and side-characters here are amazing, but Draco is the one who really steals the show. He's beautifully captured, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Harry fall for him.

Title: Boom Clap (The Sound of My Heart)
Author: [personal profile] femmequixotic and [personal profile] noeon
Pairing(s): Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter; Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley; background Blaise Zabini/Cho Chang
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~39,600
Content/Warnings: assistant professor!harry, assistant professor!draco, pining, bottom!draco, [community profile] hd_erised 2016
Summary: Post-war Hogwarts has been energized by its new teaching fellows program. Where once bitter enmity divided the wizarding community, Malfoy and Potter chummily patrol hallways together whilst Granger and Zabini seek lost parts of the castle at McGonagall’s behest and Chang supervises Quidditch when not lecturing in Charms. It’s a veritable wizarding utopia and life is predictable for the first time in years. Which is, of course, when everything blows apart as the result of a drunken dare and Malfoy’s life is ruined beyond his capacity to repair it. Ever. In a million years.
Gosh, this fic is just wonderful! Harry and Draco and a handful of other students from their year are back at Hogwarts as teaching fellows, and it’s wonderful to get that Hogwarts vibe, but with all of them being a little older and wiser. There is some really delicious pining, and Draco is wonderful as he comes to terms with his feelings and the possibility that maybe Harry feels the same. Fabulous read!

Title: Annus Mirabilis
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Ren
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione
Word Count: 39,679
Content/Warnings: first time, bottom!draco, [community profile] hd_fan_fair's book fair 2013
Summary: Harry and Malfoy are trapped at Hogwarts around the time the school was founded. Stuck with a different way of doing magic, with no chocolate, and with each other, they have to find a way to work together if they want a chance to go home.
This was so so good! I thought the Founders era was so well done and fascinating, and I absolutely loved the evolution of Draco and Harry's relationship.

Title: Stepping Stones
Author: [personal profile] lomonaaeren
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, brief Draco/Astoria
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 39,939
Content/Warnings: infidelity, auror!fic, bottom!harry, implied switching, auror!draco, auror!harry, first time
Summary: Harry agreed to marry Ginny because he honestly believed that he couldn't fall in love with anyone. And then he found himself falling in love with Draco Malfoy. From there, the next steps may be inevitable.
I love how this fic just takes you into Harry's mind and how he honestly believes he is incapable of falling in love, so he marries Ginny so that at least she can be happy. And then Draco comes in and he realizes that he has fallen in love with him, and you watch him struggle to do the right thing by Ginny, and himself, and Draco. It's lovely and a bit sad.

Title: Coffee, Cakes and Doorknob Snakes
Author: [personal profile] omi_ohmy
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 40,900
Content/Warnings: auror!harry, bottom!draco, cursebreaker!draco, hd_holidays 2012
Summary: Harry's house is trying to kill him, and only one person can help him: pity it's Draco Malfoy.
Lovely fic. Believable build up with wonderful sexual tension that finally breaks.

Title: As Souls From Bodies Steal
Author: [personal profile] femmequixotic
Pairing: Harry/Draco, past Harry/Ginny, background Ron/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 40,991
Content/Warnings: auror!harry, mentions of past rape/non-con, minor character death, implied bottom!harry, hd_holidays 2010
Summary: Hope may be found in the oddest of places, even in the bleakness of winter.
Oh, this fic was just beautiful. Draco's voice is fantastic here, and I thought the author did a really wonderful job handling some difficult subjects. The death of Draco's father and the memories of Draco's past sexual assaults hit Draco hard, but watching him work through his grief and pain was a very moving and cathartic experience. I also really loved Draco's relationship and interaction with Blaise and Millie and his mother, and little James Sirius Potter was adorable. Harry here shines in all his wonderful goodness, and the whole fic was just immensely satisfying.

Title: The Voldemort Manor
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] kedavranox
Pairing: Harry/Draco, Harry/OMC, Ron/Hermione, past Draco/OMC, past Harry/Ginny
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~41,000
Content/Warnings: Past Sexual Coercion (not H/D), switching, bottom!draco, bottom!harry, auror!harry, [community profile] hd_erised 2013
Summary: The Malfoy Manor is a state run museum, renamed The Voldemort Manor by the Ministry for Magic. As part of his probation, Draco is assigned as sole caretaker. When the Manor hosts a series of high class events celebrating the Wizarding World’s fourth Yuletide season Post War, it brings with it a swathe of people Draco hasn’t seen in years; including one, Harry Potter.
I really loved this fic, and I was a bit nervous going into it. Draco in this was fantastic, how much he has had to live through and how he manages to survive. But I love that it isn't just a generic strength, that it falters and gives a bit after awhile and that he kind of has to be forced to not give up. And Harry is a bit messed up too, making poor decisions and not really thinking about the consequences of his actions, but still good, still recognizable as himself. There's some angstyness here, but the ride is totally worth is, and there is a happy and satisfying ending to look forward to!

Title: "What You Do With Your Life, A.H.K.B.C.B." (After the Hero Kills the Batshit Crazy Bastard)
Author: [personal profile] oldenuf2nb
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, past Harry/Oliver Wood, brief Draco/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 41,170
Content/Warnings: auror!harry, bottom!draco
Summary: Draco Malfoy had waited years in hope of seeing Harry Potter utterly humiliated...
Just amazing. You get to see Draco helping a humiliated Harry after his public breakup with Wood, and how that basically changes everything for Harry and then he gets to return the favor for a heartbroken Draco, and they just come together beautifully.

Title: On a Clear Day
Author: saras_girl
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 41,519
Content/Warnings: unusual jobs
Summary: Draco Malfoy is waiting for his real life to begin, and it appears that he’s not the only one. Coffee, charity, and the wisdom of the elderly.
This fic is such a delight! Harry as a shut-in was a very interesting read, and Draco here is fantastically characterized. I loved his voice, and his banter with Harry, and his humour in general as he worked to restore the Malfoy name. Sort of a gentle story, but so lovely, and a really wonderful connection and build between Harry and Draco.

Title: Before the World Was Made
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] daftfear
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, background Hermione/Ron
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 42,576
Content/Warnings: auror!harry, accidental bonding!fic, bottom!harry
Summary: Draco has done everything in his power to leave the past behind him. He’s established himself a successful business and built a reputation around the quality of his work and the breadth of his knowledge. But when aurors show up at his shop one afternoon, seeking his expertise on a peculiar item of questionable origins, they completely overthrow the precarious balance in Draco’s life. Trust Potter to bring danger and destruction in his wake, along with a painful reminder of all the things Draco is trying to forget.
Bonding!fics are one of my favorite tropes and this one was really wonderful! I loved Draco here, and watching him come to terms with the bond, fighting it but also writing it at the same time, was great. The sexual tension between them is really fabulous and the plot was interesting and well-paced. Fun read. :)

Title: Because Potter Is Allergic to Poppies
Author: [personal profile] lomonaaeren
Pairings: Harry/Draco
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 42,774
Content/Warnings: healer!draco, auror!harry
Summary: Auror Harry Potter is in hospital being treated for a curse when someone tries to kill him. Obviously it is up to bored, trapped Apprentice Healer Draco, who was only admitted to the Healer Program in the first place to do the menial work, to find out who did it. Because then they will promote him. No, it's for no other reason, thanks.
Draco is just adorable is this fic. Fairly lighthearted, despite all the death-threats. :)

Title: Chaos Theory locked to AO3 users
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Brief_and_Dreamy
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~43,000
Content/Warnings:switching, bottom!harry, bottom!draco, table!sex, recreational drug use, cursebreaker!harry, unspeakable!draco, [community profile] hd_erised 2014
Summary: When an ancient spell book is discovered in an abandoned vault, Harry--a Curse breaker--and Draco--an Unspeakable--are called in to examine it. Draco does everything in his power to resist Potter's advances, despite his growing crush. Potter just wants sex, he assumes, and Draco doesn't want to be used. He discovers, however, that some things simply aren't within our power to control.
This fic is amazing. The characterizations are actual perfection, from Harry and Draco to all the fabulous side characters. The plot was interesting and intriguing and the relationship between harry and Draco, the banter and the UST and Harry's chaos against Draco's order was so beautiful. I could not stop once I started!

Title: The Last Day We Ever Close Our Eyes
Author: [personal profile] firethesound
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~43,500
Content/Warnings: mild dub-con, identity!porn, case!fic, auror!harry, unspeakable!draco, bottom!draco, [personal profile] hdtropes 2019
Summary: When Draco Malfoy returns to the public eye by purchasing a run-down little antiques shop on Knockturn, Harry is convinced that he is up to something. It turns out that Harry is both very right and very wrong about that.
Ooo, this fic is Identity!Porn at its finest! The characterizations here are brilliant, and the way things unfold between Harry and Draco (and their alter-egos) is so fun and engaging, and I just could NOT stop reading in desperation to find out what would happen next!

Title: Collect Your Courage
Author: mervab
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Harry/Ginny, mentions of Ron/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 44,000
Content/Warnings: mild voyeurism, infidelity, switching, bottom!harry, mostly bottom!draco, office!sex, healer!draco, auror!harry, hd_holidays 2012
Summary: Potter needs control; Draco needs forgiveness. They shag; Lavender gives advice; they yell; Seamus makes muffins; they fight; and everyone else drinks far too much coffee for their own wellbeing.
Infidelity fics normally don't do it for me, but this one is just amazing. Draco is just trying to make up for the mistakes of his past, and you see Harry being kind of a bastard and using him, and then Draco standing up for himself, and Harry realizing he needs to change. And god, the office sex was scorching.

Title: Touch
Author: [personal profile] bixgirl1
Pairing(s): Draco/Harry, background Ron/Hermione & Dean/Seamus
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 44,791
Content/Warnings: switching, bottom!harry, bottom!draco, first time, rimming, unusual jobs, shared bed, hd_fan_fair career fair 2017
Summary: When Harry's Mind Healer suggests a professional cuddler for the soothing power of touch, Harry is dubious; even more so when the Cuddler who shows up is Malfoy. But in the years since the war, Malfoy's changed, and over the next several days Harry is confronted by how much he doesn't know about this new version--and how much he wants to learn.
Oh my goodness, this fic was so good! I was a little unsure of how the author would be able to pull off this scenario, but they do it beautifully. Harry and Draco are wonderful here, and the connection and relationship build up between them was just lovely. I thought the concept of the professional cuddler for both of them really worked well, and the sex was UNF!! seriously hot. Wonderful read with a very satisfying ending.

Title: Blood and Fire
Author: [personal profile] lq_traintracks
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, background Ginny/Pansy, Hermione/Ron
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~45,000
Content/Warnings: past relationship, switching, bottom!draco, bottom!harry, rimming, [community profile] hd_erised 2017
Summary: Harry has spent the last twelve years in Romania, not returning to England as often as he knows he should. It's complicated. But when Ginny asks him to be her best man and help her plan her wedding, he can't say no. Having a reckoning with his choices, with himself, won't be easy. To say nothing of seeing Draco again.
Oh man, this fic! It made me feel so much! All the angsty heart-achey feels you'd expect from a good past relationship fic, and the emotions from both Harry and Draco are just fabulously captured. Beautiful and satisfying.

Title: Expectations (And Their Undoing)
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] SqueekaCuomo
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, past Draco/Astoria, Draco/Blaise, and Harry/Ginny
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~45,000
Content/Warnings: mentions of past minor character death, past relationship, professor!harry, kid!fic, [community profile] hd_erised 2015
Summary: Draco thought planning a charity ball would be easy. (It wasn't.) He thought Scorpius would be great at flying. (He wasn't.) And he thought Harry Potter would treat him like he did when they were kids. (He didn't.)
This was such a wonderful read! Draco and Harry had a fling years ago that Draco broke off to marry Astoria and restore the family name. And now they have to meet up to discuss Scorpius's flying issues, and there are ~feelings. I love the quiet maturity here, how steadfast Harry is in his desire to be with Draco. It's lovely watching Draco come to the realization that Harry is who he wants and somebody that he can have. Beautiful read, and a really excellent Draco/Pansy friendship to boot!

Title: Of Wands and Trees
Author: [personal profile] omi_ohmy
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~45,000
Content/Warnings: unusual jobs, wandmaker Draco, recluse Harry, switching, bottom!harry, mostly bottom!draco, rimming, blow jobs, first times, outdoor!sex, [livejounal.com profile] hd-erised 2018
Summary: All Draco wants to do is be a wandmaker, but to do so he needs to understand the soul of trees. Of course, the only man who might be able to help him is the one man who is more of a mystery to him than any tree.
Wonderful fic with Draco as an apprentice wandmaker who goes off to the woods so he can learn how to commune with trees. Of course, he ends up unexpectedly turning to Harry Potter to help him do it, and the slow build between them is really lovely. The nature setting here was so lush and beautiful, and if you're a lover of trees, there is certainly no shortage of them in this fic! I really enjoyed the characterizations here, and how Harry and Draco are able to grow and heal and forge something strong and real.

*NEW: 1/10/2020*
Title: fly like paper, high like planes
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] harryromper
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione, Luna/OFC, Luna/Neville, Past Harry/Krum, Draco/Krum
Rating: R
Word Count: ~47,200
Content/Warnings: Physical Disability, EWE, Quidditch!Fic, Quidditch Coach Harry Potter, Quidditch Coach Draco Malfoy, [community profile] hd_erised​ 2019
Summary: Harry Potter, Head Coach of the Appleby Arrows, is very content leading a quiet life. He has a doddery old house-elf who makes his breakfast, a team of players who love Quidditch almost as much as he does, and a Kneazle that curls against his damaged leg at the foot of his bed at night. The absolute last thing he needs is a fit, tattooed, and wildly talented Draco Malfoy back from living his life on the margins. Soon he’s dealing with goblins for the first time since the war, traveling to Prague, eating dodgy squid, and maybe, just maybe, accepting that Quidditch, Malfoy, and even Harry himself are still capable of change.
Oh gosh, this was SUCH a fascinating fic! I love me a Quidditch!Fic and this was a truly unique take on the trope. Draco here is the stuff wet dreams are made of, and the build between him and Harry was such a delight to read. Really engaging fic!

*NEW: 1/10/2020*
Title: you, a violent desire
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] alpha_exodus
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Draco/Astoria, brief (but explicit) Draco/OMC, background Ron/Hermione, past Harry/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~47,500
Warnings: dubious consent, love potion abuse, divorce, heartbreak, depression, minor character terminal illness, switching, bottom!harry, mostly bottom!draco, voyeurism, Unspeakable!Harry, Unspeakable!Draco, [community profile] hd_erised​ 2019
Summary: The Amortentia was an accident—but only the first time.
Ooo, this fic was so good! Such an interesting concept, the way the Amoretentia is used, and I really just loved the characterizations so much! The relationship between Harry and Draco here is so gritty and real and volatile, and the evolution of feels and emotion here was really well done! Plus, UNFFF the smut was crazy hot!

*NEW: 1/10/2020*
Title: Darkest Before the Dawn
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] dualwieldteacup
Pairing(s): Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, background Cho Chang/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~47,600
Content/Warnings: Cursed!Draco, Blind!Draco Malfoy, Professor!Draco, Professor!Harry, Forced Proximity, implied bottom!draco, [community profile] hd_erised​ 2019
Summary: The last thing Draco wanted was to show up at Harry Potter's door, cursed blind and holding a boxful of his friends Transfigured into snakes, but here he was.
Between breaking the curse, adjusting to life without sight, and teaching his Defence Against the Dark Arts classes, Draco's got his hands full. Being forced to live with Harry Potter might just be the death of him.
This is a story about the bonds of friendship, fairy tale endings, and learning to ask for help (even from Gryffindors).
This fic was SUCH a gripping read! All of the characters were wonderfully real and fleshed out, and I really adored how very set in the magical universe this fic felt! Draco's voice was brilliant, and the curse here was really well captured. I loved the tension and build between Draco and Harry, and the ending was just perfect!

Title: The Full Four Seasons
Author: [personal profile] ravenclawsquill
Pairing: Harry/Draco, Draco/Astoria, background Pansy/Theo, Ron/Hermione, Lucius/Narcissa, very brief Millicent/Padma
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~49,200
Content/Warnings: Infidelity (Draco/Astoria), Coffee shop!fic, rimming, bottom!harry, first person POV, [community profile] hd_erised 2016
Summary: Draco Malfoy just wants a quiet life. He has a successful business, a lovely wife, and a delightfully horrible circle of friends. He’s fine. Or, he was fine until Harry Potter thundered into his life with all the subtlety of a blast-ended skrewt and turned everything on its head. Now he’s beginning to wonder if ‘fine’ is enough, after all.
This fic is just amazing! The pacing is fantastic, the characterizations are amazing, the relationships are wonderfully captured, and the chemistry between Harry and Draco leaps off the screen. I seriously enjoyed every word of this fic, and I really enjoyed the way the relationships between Draco/Astoria and Draco/Harry were written here. Everything felt very organic and believable and the ending was incredibly satisfying. Just read!

Title: Here's The Pencil, Make It Work
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] ignatiustrout
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Neville/Ginny, Draco/OMC
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 49,493
Content/Warnings: implied bottom!draco, hd_holidays 2012
Summary: Harry thinks "Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?" is a much simpler question than, "Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don't, what will you do?"
This fic really is just as fabulous as everybody says it is. One of my favorite "muggle living" tropes with a delightfully eccentric Draco. I loved the more gritty, realistic approach to Harry being bisexual and how his relationship with Ginny could play out. It's real and a bit heartbreaking and so in character for both of them. Ron and Hermione are also fantastic in this and really wonderful friends. Plus the relationship development and pacing here between Harry and Draco is so believable and lovely.

Title: And the Clock Keeps Ticking
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] nherizu
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Hannah, Ginny/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 49,892
Content/Warnings: auror!harry, implied bottom!draco, ghost!draco, cursed!draco, [community profile] hd_fan_fair's book fair 2013
Summary: Harry Potter knows three things. One, Voldemort can still cause chaos even after his death. Two, Draco Malfoy is one of the last two missing survivors. Three, Harry’s creepy dreams every night are the only key to finding Malfoy. And yet ... maybe Harry shouldn’t be so sure, for the truth about Malfoy is not what he thinks it is.
This fic is so intricate and well thought out. There is the mystery of what happened to Malfoy and the unusual curse that is killing off Death Eaters. And then we have Harry and Malfoy and Raines, the slow build romance and figuring out their feelings...Oh it is so good!

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