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Wednesday Words

I'm back, baby! After getting back from my trip last Tuesday, I immediately decided it was time to buckle down, and somehow I actually managed it. My main goal was to finish my Fan Fair fic, and then start editing and looking into finding a beta, and I managed to do all three this past week, which makes me VERY happy. Also worked on a couple of other projects, which was unexpected, but welcome.

Weekly Word Count (9/5 - 9/11) = 9,469

What I Worked On:
  1. [community profile] hd_fan_fair - finished first draft, did initial edit, and sent off to beta! If you've been following these, you know I've been struggling with this fic. But after my vacation, it all seemed to click into place, and I basically wrote a scene a day until I finished. I was also concerned about finding a beta, but a brilliant human being has agreed to look it over for me, so I'm quite happy. \o/

  2. November [insanejournal.com profile] daily_deviant - finished writing the first draft! I was...not supposed to be working on this. I just opened the doc to decide for sure on a pairing, and maybe write a quick outline. Instead, as soon as I decided on a pairing I immediately had the words and banged this all out in one sitting!

  3. Gift!Fic - outlined! Another fic I didn't plan on thinking much about just yet, but the idea has been nipping at my heels, so I gave in a wrote up a quick outline of what I want to write so it's ready for me when I have the time to write it.

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