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Wednesday Words

Had a super productive writing week! I've actually had a very productive writing month all around. My roommate has been out of town for the past two weeks, which means I've had a lot more writing time in the evenings when we'd normally be hanging out and watching TV/catching up. It's been great for my productivity, but I do miss the hang time, so I'm excited for her return next Monday! :D

Weekly Word Count (9/19 - 9/25) = 7,553

What I Worked On:
  • hp_nextgen_fest - finished draft & sent to beta! This was one of the big things I had hanging over me in terms of upcoming deadlines, so I was really pleased to finish it up!

  • [community profile] sirius_blk - claimed a prompt, outlined, & began drafting. I wasn't planning on participating in this fest because I had too many other commitments when claiming first opened. But I took another looks at the available prompts since I'd finished several of my other projects, and something called out to me. Hopefully this will be a pretty quick one, as I've got a fairly clear idea of what I want to write.

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