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September Writing Round-Up

Posting this on the actual last day of the month this time, as I've not been traveling! Hooray!


September Word Count Goal: 23,255 / 21,000

2018 Total Word Count Goal: 131,037 / 200,000

I kicked some serious writing butt in September! It was my most prolific month yet, which is pretty exciting. I think this is partially due to the fact that I had several upcoming deadlines to work towards, and partially because my roommate was out of town for the last two weeks of the month, which really freed up my evenings and weekends since we weren't catching up and I don't really watch TV on my own anymore. It also helped that I had hardly any modding responsibilities in the second half of the month as well, so that freed up a lot of fandom time for me to write.

Had a super productive month and I worked on a lot of different fics!
  • [Unknown LJ tag]: didn't technically get any words on this one, but I did go through and embed the art, PLUS it posted \o/ Which means this fic is officially crossed of my list. HOORAY! If you're interested in reading, you can read it here.

  • [community profile] hd_fan_fair: I finished drafting, sent to my betas, went through their edits, did a final read through, and submitted! So this is also off my plate, and will be posting anonymously sometime next month. :D

  • October [Unknown LJ tag]: drafted, sent to beta, & worked through their edits. I struggled a bit with this one, and I'm not 100% happy with it, but I don't totally hate it, and I'm happy it's basically ready to go for posting next month.

  • November [Unknown LJ tag]: drafted & sent to alpha. I wasn't necessarily planning to write this one this month, but when I opened the doc to just decide on a pairing, and maybe write a few sentences outline, the words just started pouring out and I finished in one sitting!

  • hp_nextgen_fest: decided on a prompt, outlined, finished draft, and sent to alpha! I struggled a little bit on deciding what to write for the fest, as the pairings I'd wanted to write didn't have prompts that called to me. But once I decided on a prompt, the fic itself came together pretty quickly.

  • [community profile] sirius_blk: in a fit of madness, decided to sign up for this fest and I outlined & drafted it. There were a TON of prompts that caught my eye during prompting, but with my other commitments, I forced myself not to claim. BUT, I decided to take a peak at the still-available prompts once I got through a lot of the stuff on my plate, and one of the prompts that had originally caught my eye was still there, begging for some love. Luckily, the fic came together as quickly as expected, and I'm glad I'll be able to participate in the fest!

  • Drarry gift!fic: Decided I wanted to write a gift fic for somebody and jotted out a quick outline of what I wanted to write. This wasn't planned, but it's always fun writing gifts for others. :D


October Word Count Goal: 21,000

This honestly may be overly optimistic, but I'm going to shoot for it all the same. Modding-wise, the first half of the month is pretty clear, but then we've got hp_nextgen_fest submissions coming in, so that will suck up a bit of fandom time for me in the latter part of the month. Additionally, all of my current writing projects are essentially fics without a deadline (with the exception of fics in the editing stage) and I tend to be more motivated when I have a specific goal to work towards. We'll see how that affects by writing enthusiasm.

October Fics to Focus On
  • hp_nextgen_fest: this fic is due on the 22nd, so the priority this month will be getting it beta'd and working through the feedback to prepare for posting!

  • [community profile] sirius_blk: this fic is due on the 20th, so this is another high priority fic in terms of sending it to beta and working through the edits.

  • November [Unknown LJ tag]: like the other two, the bulk of the work is done on this one, I just need to find a beta and then work through the edits to prepare it for posting in early November.

  • Drarry Gift!Fic: this ficlet is already outlined and ready to go, and I'm thinking it'll be less than 5k. Which hopefully means it'll come out quickly, so this is going to be my first focus in terms of actual writing this month.

  • [Unknown LJ tag] Kinky Kristmas: this fest actually hasn't been announced, and I'm not 100% sure it'll be happening. BUT, if it does end up happening, then I'll likely be working on this fic sometime in October, and as it's the only unwritten fic that would have a deadline, it'd take priority for sure.

  • Femslash Gift!Fic: I've been wanting to write this fic for over a year now, but I just haven't had the time. I haven't touched it since the beginning of March, but I'd really love to finish it by the end of the year. As the DD Kinky Kristmas fic is still up in the air, my plan is to start working on this fic again in October after I finish with my Drarry gift!fic, though depending on how Kinky Kristmas shakes out, this may be something I work on in November.

Upcoming Fics / Stuff on the back-burner
  • January [Unknown LJ tag]: Still have plenty of time for this one, but I've got an idea of the pairings I'm potentially interested in for it. Waiting to decide and outline, as who I write will likely depend on what I end up claiming for DD Kinky Kristmas should it happen this year.
  • Jeddy Pride!Fic: This is another one of those fics I've been wanting to write since last year. I'd originally planned for this to be a gift!fic, but my feels weren't in the right place. Then I thought I might write it for hp_nextgen_fest but it's looking to be on the long side and I didn't have the time/inspiration to write something that long for the fest. I've got it mostly outlined, and am vaguely thinking about potentially trying to finish it by April for the next round of [Unknown LJ tag], but we'll see how everything else shakes out.

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