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Wednesday Words

Fairly decent writing week. Nothing crazy, but pretty solid all around. I also wrote or edited every single day, which I'm proud of. Writing is definitely something that is harder for me the longer I go without doing it, so I've been making an effort to get some writing or editing time in every day, even if it's just 30 minutes and a handful of words I hate.

Weekly Word Count (9/26 - 10/2) = 4,335

What I Worked On:
  • hp_nextgen_fest - went through beta edits.

  • [community profile] sirius_blk - finished draft, did initial edit, & sent to beta. As I'd hoped, I got through this one pretty quickly, which was exciting!

  • drarry gift!fic - started drafting. A bit of a rocky start with the set-up, but I think I've got through the worst of it, and I'm hoping the rest will flow out easily. :)

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