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Supernatural Fic Recs

I have recently started binge-reading Supernatural fics, despite the fact that I have never once watched a single episode of the show... Reading widely in both Wincest and Destiel at the moment, and you can find links to rec lists with my favorites reads below!

Castiel/Dean (Destiel) Fic Recs

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More than 30,000 Words

Dean/Sam (Wincest) Fic Recs

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Benny/Dean Fic Rec

Title: Open Air
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] xxenjoy
Pairing: Benny/Dean
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 4,815
Content/Warnings: AU: No Supernatural, tent!sex, enemies to lovers, bottom!dean
Summary: Dean's first tree planting trip is sort of a dud until, ironically, he trips over a root and sprains his ankle.
Super freaking hot AU with Dean and Benny getting off to a bit of a rocky start but then finding some common ground that leads to crazy hot sex!

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