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HP Next Gen Fest Fic: Activate (Draco/James Sirius, NC-17)

Reveals went up earlier today over at hp_nextgen_fest so I can claim the little fic I wrote! I generally prefer to write an entirely next gen pairing for the fest, as opposed to cross gen, but I really struggled a bit with inspiration. There were a bunch of Jeddy claims, which was great, but killed my muse for also wanting to write them. And all the prompts that appealed to be wanted to be longer fics, and I just didn't have the time! Eventually, I settled on writing some Draco/James Sirius, as I hadn't had a chance to play with these two yet this year! I though playing around with A/B/O in HP and with a rare cross gen pairing to boot would be a fun challenge. :D

Title: Activate
Author: [personal profile] gracerene
Prompt: M5 by [profile] 10oclockfairy
Pairing(s): Draco/James Sirius, mention of past Draco/Astoria
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~6,850
Content/Warnings: Omega!Verse, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, Alpha!Draco, Omega!James, Quidditch Player James, Potions Master Draco, first times, heat cycles, anal fingering, anal sex, rimming, bottom James, knotting
Summary: Draco always figured he was a common Beta, and though he may have had childhood dreams of presenting as an Alpha, after forty years of living he's made his peace with his lot in life. He had a loving relationship with his late Beta wife, has an amazing son, and his work at his Apothecary and Potions shop keeps him occupied. Draco has a very pleasant life indeed, until one day his son drags James Sirius Potter into his life and everything gets turned on its head.
Author's Notes: I don't think this is quite as gritty/angsty as what you had in mind dear prompter, but this is what came out when I started writing! There's not nearly enough a/b/o in this fandom, and I had fun adding one more fic to the mix. :) Thanks muchly to my betas!

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