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wicked smut goddess

Prompting is still OPEN at HP Kinkfest!

Quick reminder that prompting is open for another day over at [community profile] hpkinkfest and y'all should DEFINITELY go leave your 10 prompts, and then take a loot at the prompt list and drool over the offerings!

I'm 100% planning on participating and already have a shortlist of nine prompts, plus I plan to keep an eye out on any additional prompts that are added to see if any of those catch my eyes. The hardest part is going to be choosing just one, as there are SO many kinks I want to write! I definitely want to try my hand at something new, and there are a number of prompts with kinks I've been wanting to write for ages, so HOW DO I PICK JUST ONE?!

I am super excited for the fest and also DYING to know what prompts other people are looking at and considering!

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