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HP Goldenage & Kinkfest posting now!

Just wanted to post a quick promo/reminder that posting is still happening over at [community profile] hp_goldenage and [community profile] hpkinkfest! I've been (slowly) trying to catch up on the posts, and there are some really lovely works that could use some love if you've got some time to spare. Both fests have a huge variety of pairings to choose from, so there's almost certainly sure to be something that tickles your fancy! :)

I've got fics in both fests, and though I can't speak to my Goldenage submission since the fest is anon, if you're interested in some Harry/Ginny pegging action, you can check out my kinkfest fic, here!

Click here for the Week 1 round-up, and Click here for the Week 2 round-up over at [community profile] hpkinkfest!

Save the Date banner for Salt and Pepper Fest 2019

Click here to check out the Week 1 round-up over at [community profile] hp_goldenage!

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