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March Writing Round-Up

As predicted, I wrote 0 words this past week as I was traveling or prepping/recovering from traveling. So here, have a monthly wrap-up instead. :)


March Word Count Goal: 7,801 / 15,000

2019 Total Word Count Goal: 26,127 / 150,000

2019 Total Writing Days Goal: 50 / 240

As with January and February, March was slow and steady when it came to writing. Not quite at pace for where I'd ideally like to be, but I'm still making words, and I think I'm devoting as much time and energy to writing as I reasonably can at the moment.



April Word Count Goal: 15,000

Given the past three months, this is likely ambitious, but we'll see! I'm also going to be traveling for work for a week, which may or may not have a big impact on writing, it'll depend on if I'm inspired at all to write in the evenings while I'm away.

April Fics to Focus On
  • May [insanejournal.com profile] daily_deviant: all that's left on this one is a final read-through and then I can draft it and prepare for my DD posting date in May.

  • June [insanejournal.com profile] daily_deviant: need to find a beta for this one this month.

  • July [insanejournal.com profile] daily_deviant: this is partially drafted and I'd love to finish it up this month.

  • August [insanejournal.com profile] daily_deviant: this one is outlined with a paragraph or two written, and it's another one I'd love to finish in April if I can manage it.

  • Rare Pair Gift!Fic: I've got a beta lined up so I just need to shoot this one over to them.

  • April [tumblr.com profile] hpfemslash-minifest: I've so far managed to keep up with this monthly mini-fest, and I'd love to continue if possible. But it's also one of the lower priority things, so if nothing's coming to me, then I won't be too distressed if I need to pass.

  • Jeddy Pride!Fic: This is a fic I've been wanting to write since last year, and I've finally cleaned up the outline. I was waiting to work on it until after my DD fics were all finished, but I'm wondering if maybe breaking up some of those with this longer fic might be more stimulating. I'd like to write a scene or two of this one in April.

Upcoming Fics / Stuff on the back-burner
  • [personal profile] hdtropes: sign-ups for this fest happen at the end of the month on April 27. As of right now, I'm planning on participating, though I'm a bit nervous about my wobbly muse... Anyway, obviously won't know what I'm creating for this fest until I get my assignment, but it's on my radar as something I will need to focus heavily on in May.

  • Gryles Ficlet: this fic is outlined, and essentially ready to be written, but I'm not really in a Gryles ~mood~ to write it. I've got a bunch of fics saved for me to read when I'm ready to drown in feels, but I'm currently living in the Supernatural space ATM and I'm not quite ready to move on, so this is on the backburner for now. I would like to write it this year though.

  • Original!Fic: I've got an idea and part of an outline. TBH, I'm really feeling this one right now, so depending on how my muse decides to cooperate, I might actually write this, who knows...

  • Taking Chances Sequel: This is waaay on the back-burner. Like, have-not-committed-to-making-this-a-reality back-burner. BUT, I do have a document where I've been tossing in ideas of potential plot points/scenes for a sequel, and I have a kind of vague idea of how it would go. Nowhere near a cohesive plot, but I'm thinking I'll take a look at this doc in the new year and start seriously thinking about working up an outline. I'm pretty excited about some of the ideas I have, but working on the original fic was so draining, that I'm not quite up for tackling another long Drarry fic at the moment.

  • Pile O' Plot Bunnies: I currently have a list of over 20 concrete plot bunny ideas. Some of things I'll try and incorporate into fests or daily deviant themes. Some are sequels or codas to existing fics of mine. As you can tell from my list above, I do try and comb through this periodically and pull for inspiration.

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