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Wednesday Words

Made some excellent progress this week, most notably, I've finished with Tropes! Hooray! We'll see what my betas have to say about the matter, but for the next little bit, I am Tropes-free while it's being looked over. Which is kind of a weird place to be in, because I feel like it's been all tropes all the time around here for the past six weeks or so, LOL. But I've got a couple of other projects I'm looking forward to working on now that I've got the time.

Weekly Word Count (6/19 - 6/25) = 6,331

What I Worked On:
  • [personal profile] hdtropes - finished writing the first draft and completed first round of edits!

  • [community profile] hp_crossgenfest reject - outlined! I thought I'd decided upon my fic for CGF but then I sat down to outline and realised it was going to be much longer than I have time for. So this outline is going on the back-burner, and it's back to the drawing board for CGF. :/

Next Week's Goals
  • [personal profile] hdtropes - send off to beta and pray they don't tell me its crap...

  • [community profile] hp_crossgenfest - decide what I'm writing, for real this time, and outline!

  • June/July [tumblr.com profile] hpfemslash-minifest - I'm hoping this will be short, so I'd love to actually try and finish the first draft of this one this week.

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