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BBTP Fic: Use Somebody (James Siriuus/Teddy, Explicit)

Title: Use Somebody
Author: [personal profile] gracerene
Pairing(s): James Sirius Potter/Teddy Lupin
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: ~3,150
Content/Warnings: established relationship, massage!fic, dirty talk, sexual fantasy, talk of cuckolding, endearments, affectionate name-calling, anal fingering, anal sex
Summary: "You told me the Magpies had got a new masseuse, but you left out just how very attractive he is."
Author's Notes: Happy BBTP! This is one of my favourite fests/challenges, as I have no end of smutty little plot bunnies desperately vying for my attention and begging for an excuse to be written. :D

Title is from the Kings of Leon song, "Use Somebody" because I couldn't resist. :)

Thanks so much to the inimitable [personal profile] shiftylinguini for their stellar beta work! <3

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Tags: established relationship, fandom: harry potter, fest: bbtp, kink: anal sex, kink: dirty talk, kink: fingering, kink: infidelity!kink, kink: massage!fic, my fanfic, no repost, pairing type: slash, pairing: james sirius/teddy, profession: law enforcement, profession: quidditch, rating: nc-17, use somebody

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