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Wednesday Words

Fairly solid week. Not quite as much progress as I would have liked on my NGF fic, but I did write every day, submitted Fan Fair, and had a number of other tasks that I was focusing on, so all in all I'm satisfied with the words. This coming week is really my last full writing week I'll have for just about a month, so hopefully I'll be able to buckle down and make the most of it!

Weekly Word Count (9/11 - 9/17) = 4,306

What I Worked On:
  • [community profile] hp_nextgen_fest: wrote a section and bounced around a bit to write parts of two others.

  • [community profile] hd_fan_fair: got back from betas, went through final edits, and submitted!

Next Week's Goals
  • [community profile] hp_nextgen_fest: I'd really love to finish writing, but I'm just not sure how realistic that is. Hoping to at least finish the two scenes I'm currently working on, leaving just one final scene for me to write when I return from my trip.

  • October [insanejournal.com profile] daily_deviant: get back from beta, go through edits, and prep for posting next month.

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