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Wednesday Words

Hooray words! Super happy with my progress given how out-of-control my outline for my advent!fic has become... Like, I'm fairly certain I've outlined at least a 50k fic which... I so do not have the time to write. But I am actively ignoring that fact and pushing on. Pray for me. And pray that I find a beta willing to look it over (one that will give concrit and not just SpaG, even...)

Weekly Word Count (10/30 - 11/5) = 10,248

What I Worked On:
  • January [insanejournal.com profile] daily_deviant: found a beta!

  • Drarry gift!fic: wrote a more complete outline and wrote... a very small amount. Struggled a bit with this one, my mind was on other things!

  • [community profile] slythindor100 Advent!Fic: got images, outlined almost everything, and wrote for 3 of the images!

Next Week's Goals
  • [community profile] slythindor100 Advent!Fic: right now my lowkey goal is to write a prompt a day, but I'll officially go with writing six scenes to give myself some leeway.

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