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Wednesday Words!

Decent amount of words, and I'm pretty happy with my productivity overall! Lots of editing and outlining, plus a finished two fics, one of which was my advent!fic which is a MASSIVE relief.

Weekly Word Count (12/4 - 12/10) = 10,158

What I Worked On:
  • [community profile] slythindor100 Advent!Fic: wrote the final 2 scenes which means I've officially finished with my draft!!! I also edited that last fic scenes & sent them off to beta, and went through final edits on the fic through chapter 18. The fic is already posting, and you can read the first 11 chapters here!

  • Random Drarry Fic: outlined! I had this Drarry idea pop into my head over Thanksgiving and it's been haunting me, so I figured I'd outline the damn thing so it'd leave me alone, LOL!

  • December/January [tumblr.com profile] hpfemslash-minifest: outlined, drafted, and went through initial edits!! This came out pretty quickly, which I'm super happy about since I want to post at the end of the month once my advent!fic has finished.

Next Week's Goals
  • [community profile] slythindor100 Advent!Fic: hopefully my beta will finish looking through the last 7 chapters in the next week. If so, I'd love to go through the beta and final edits of the rest of the fic and get that ready for posting so that it is more or less done!

  • [community profile] hp_goldenage: I'd like to, at the very least, get half-way through this one. Ideally I'd love to finish the first draft if I can manage it.

  • [community profile] daily_deviant Kinky Kristmas: DD is currently collecting prompts from members for their Kinky Kristmas Comment Kink! It goes live this Sunday, the 15th, and I'd like to at least have claimed a prompt by my next weekly round-up.

  • December/January [tumblr.com profile] hpfemslash-minifest: I'd love to find & sent to beta!

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