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Snowflake Challenge #3 & 4

Will likely continue to combine these challenges and post every couple of days, just because there are a number of them I've done before! :D

Challenge #3: Pimp Your Favorite Communities, Fests or Challenges!

I could pick a whole host of options, but I'll go ahead and stick with fests/comms that I don't personally mod, as obviously I'm a bit biased. ;) I'm also limiting myself to just five, otherwise I'd be here all day!

[community profile] daily_deviant: I know a lot of people have mentioned this in their favorites, but that should tell you how awesome it is! Some of my very favorite fics that I've read and written have been for this community, and I love that it provides a safe space for boundary pushing. You will see every kind of kink and pairing under the sun there, and everybody is super open and supportive and nobody thinks you're weird for writing Centaur porn or Sirius having sex with his motorbike... Super excited about the comm migrating this year to Dreamwidth, and I'm really hoping it will lead to increased participation!

[community profile] hp_goldenage: One of the fests I make an effort to participate in every single year! Both because I think it's really well run and modded, and because I think it's a fest that is really filling a gap in the community. I'll admit, I don't write a ton of older characters, which is definitely influenced by my own age, but I love the chance to write something different for this fest. There's always a lot of variety as well, so there's something for everybody!

[community profile] bbtp_challenge: I've loved this challenge for years and it continues to be a favorite! It's a multi-fandom, one-day smut "fest" where the only rule is to post a smutty fic on September 1. It's very chill and open to everybody (who writes porn) and I love it as it's the perfect excuse for me to prioritize and actually write one of the smutty little plot bunnies that are hopping around in my head!

[tumblr.com profile] hpfemslash-minifest: One of my personal goals for 2019 was to write more femslash (be the change you want to see in the world and all that) and this comm was SUCH a great, low-stress way to do that! They release a trio of prompts every two months, but you can also write for any of the past challenges whenever you'd like! I've written for every month/bi-month they've had prompts, and it's really helped keep me consistent with my femslash content.

[community profile] getyourwordsout: This is an awesome community centered around making a writing goal (either in WC or number of writing days) throughout the year. There is lots of accountability and support, and it's a really wonderful, encouraging place for writers! Sign-ups are open until January 15, so there is still some time if you're interested! You can learn more about it here!

Challenge #4: Set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not.

I've actually already done this as part of my 2019 wrap-up! You can read about my 2020 writing goals HERE!

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