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Snowflake Challenge Days 11 & 12

Challenge #11: In your own space, recommend a fannish or creative resource.

'll recommend three because that seems like a nice number! Two HP-specific ones, and one that is more broad.

Harry Potter Resources

hp-lexicon: This website, which describes itself as: "The most compleat and amazing reference to the wonderful world of Harry Potter" is my go-to when I want to confirm some detail in my fics (and don't want to spend ages combing through the books themselves. It's accurate, detailed, and super useful!

potterwords: this is an old LJ community that has curated the canonical spellings/capitalizations of the various words used throughout the Harry Potter series. If I'm ever unsure if a word should be capitalized in particular, this is where I go to double check!

General Resource

[tumblr.com profile] writingwithcolor: This is an awesome resource if you are writing characters of color. As they put it: "We are dedicated to writing and resources centered on racial & ethnic diversity. We share Q&A-style writing advice, guides, book recommendations and more"

Challenge #12: Commit an Act of Kindness (or two or three ♥)

Done! ♥

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