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For icarusinflight: Unconventional (Hermione/Millicent, Mature)

Title: Unconventional
Author: [personal profile] gracerene
Pairing: Hermione/Millicent, mention of past Hermione/Ron and Hermione/Others
Rating: Mature
Word Count: ~1,450
Content/Warnings: established relationship, letters, non-traditional relationships, implied sexual content, older characters
Summary: Hermione never realised she could feel like this about another person.
Author's Notes: Happy birthday, lovely [personal profile] icarusinflight! Technically it's not quite your birthday yet where I live, but since it's *your* birthday, I figured I should go by when it is where *you* live. ;) I had something completely different planned for you but my muse has been a fickle bitch lately and it was just not cooperating. :( But I know how much you love femslash in general (and Hermione/Millicent in particular) and I figured writing you a quick little something based on one of the prompts for this month's [tumblr.com profile] hpfemslash-minifest (since you help mod it) would be a nice compromise. You are so very lovely and supportive, and I truly hope you enjoy this one! <33

Thanks so much to [personal profile] writcraft for the quick once-over! <3

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