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Wednesday Words

This is the best writing week I've had possibly all year. Even though I struggled about with wordsmithing, I was consistent with writing, and even felt in the groove a couple of times, which I legit don't think I've experienced all year. Feeling positive and hoping I'll be able to carry this momentum into next week!

Weekly Word Count (4/22 - 4/28) = 3,624

What I Worked On:
  • Drarry Angst: finished drafting! I love the idea of this one, but it's super rough at the moment and is going to need a very intense edit. I think I might let it sit for awhile though to get a little distance and perspective, because I was really struggling with figuring out how to really capture the different emotional points, and I think it's something a bit of distance will help with.

  • Ageplay!Fic: started editing the first section.

Next Week's Goals
  • Ageplay!Fic: edit what I have an determine if this is something I think I can finish for daddyfest. I really struggled with writing this one when I started it last year, but I still would like to finish at some point, and I always do better with deadlines, so I'd love to see if I can make it happen
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