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August Writing Wrap-Up + September Goals


August Word Count Goal: 21,701 / 20,000

2020 Total Word Count Goal: 122,347 / 150,000

2020 Total Writing Days Goal: 160 / 240

It's funny, because even though I hit my word count goal and all of the fic benchmarks I was shooting for this past month, I still feel a vague sense of disappointment with my progress. I think because there were definitely a lot more days that I didn't write at all this month compared to the past several months, and though I did hit my goals, the last half of the month was a lot slower than I'm capable of. I'm not super upset about it or beating myself up, more just aware. As I started finishing up my shorter fics and began to focus almost exclusively on one longer fic, I think that affected my flow, so that's good to note and see how that works for me moving forward.


  • [community profile] hp_crossgenfest: no words, but reveals went up so I can claim my fic! It's 19k of Draco/James Sirius and you can read it here.

  • [tumblr.com profile] hpinspiredby: no words, but reveals went up so I can claim my fic! It's less than 2k of Harry/Charlie & some lacey knickers and you can read it here.

  • [community profile] weasleyjumpers: claimed a prompt, drafted, & sent to beta.

  • [tumblr.com profile] hd-hurtfest: went through final edits and submitted!

  • [community profile] seasonofkink/[community profile] rarepair_shorts #3 : sent to/got back from beta, went through final edits, and posted! You can read it here.

  • [community profile] daily_deviant August: got back from beta, went through final edits, and posted! You can read it here.

  • July/August [tumblr.com profile] hpfemslash-minifest:  went through final edits and posted! You can read it here.

  • [community profile] hd_fan_fair: signed up for fest, edited first 2/3 of fic and sent to beta, and almost finished writing the first draft.

  • [community profile] daily_deviant September: drafted, sent to & got back from beta, & went through beta edits.

  • [community profile] bbtp_challenge:drafted, sent to & got back from beta, & went through final edits.

  • [community profile] hp_nextgen_fest: claimed a prompt & outlined.


September Word Count Goal: 15,000

I have several upcoming deadlines, but nothing that actually requires a lot of words, so I might not even hit 15k. But the more important thing is just finishing up my various projects regardless of how many words that ends up giving me.

September Fics to Focus On

Upcoming Fics / Stuff on the back-burner
  • [community profile] daily_deviant November: no themes yet, still TBD if there will be posting or not, but on my radar!

  • [community profile] daily_deviant January: no *official* themes yet, but the themes are the same every year, so if I'm feeling industrious I can look through past months and figure it out. If I end up making progress on all of my other priorities, I'll pull this into September.

  • Drarry Coda: still kind of on the fence about this one. It's an expansion of an existing fic, I've got it outlined but I've been struggling to really find the will to write it. Which  I'm thinking is maybe a sign that I said everything I wanted to say in the original fic...

  • Taking Chances Sequel: This is waaay on the back-burner. Like, have-not-committed-to-making-this-a-reality back-burner. BUT, I do have a document where I've been tossing in ideas of potential plot points/scenes for a sequel, and I have a kind of vague idea of where the fic would go.I've got quite a lot of content here and should probably sit down soon and try and wrangle it into some semblance of an actual plot. I'm pretty excited about some of the ideas I have, but working on the first fic was so draining, that I'm not quite up for tackling another long Drarry fic at the moment. I'd lowkey love to at least outline this in 2020, but I've also got some big life stuff happening next year that will likely limit writing time, so IDK if that's even remotely feasible.

  • Pile O' Plot Bunnies: I currently have a list of over 20 concrete plot bunny ideas. Some of things I'll try and incorporate into fests or daily deviant themes. Some are sequels or codas to existing fics of mine. There are a couple of ideas here that I REALLY want to write at some point, so I'm always keeping an eye out for a good opportunity to prioritize one of my ideas.
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