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03 May 2014 @ 11:39 am
Ravenclaw comment

writcraft is hosting another awesome Comment-A-Thon and ya'll should head on over and sign-up! Super low-pressure with the extra fun addition of Houses(Ravenclaw FTW!) and a fun point system. I really enjoyed participating last time and I thought it was a creative and fun way to really increase participation and enthusiasm in fandom.

comment table courtesy of the lovely and talented vaysh
# Story Comment Pairing Length Fest Points
1 Nobody's Hero (Except for Maybe Yours) Here Antonin/Draco 5,457 hp_beholder 1 for comment, 10 for pairing, 10 for fest
2 Into Oblivion Here Draco/Harry 340 hp_may_madness 1 for comment, 10 for fest
3 Bound Virgin Here Draco/Harry 4.8K hds_beltane 1 for comment
4 Chapter Thirty-Three of 'Black Phoenix Here Draco/Harry ? n/a 1 for comment
5 Puffin Here None Art n/a 1 for comment
6 the devil makes work Here Derek/Stiles 7.2K n/a 1 for comment
7 early worm gets the bird Here Derek/Stiles 5.8K n/a 1 for comment
8 Overrated Moon Dance Here Derek/Stiles 11.3K n/a 1 for comment
9 Harry's Not So Good Life Here Gen 1.4K hp_darkarts 1 for comment, 10 for fest, 10 for pairing
10 Love Like Fire Here Harry/Snape 3K hds_beltane 1 for comment, 10 for pairing
11 you feel like home to me (and it is so very late) Here Bilbo/Thorin 3K n/a 1 for comment
12 Candy Rain Here Derek/Stiles 2.9K n/a 1 for comment
13 Rainy Days Here Draco/Harry Art n/a 1 for comment
14 Raunchy Bagginshield Romance Here Bilbo/Thorin 739 n/a 1 for comment
15 as we share this simple night Here Derek/Stiles 11K n/a 1 for comment
16 Yeah, rite Here Derek/Stiles 6.9K n/a 1 for comment
17 Skulking Here Draco/Harry 8K hds_beltane 1 for comment
18 Uggûn Here Bilbo/Thorin 13K n/a 1 for comment
19 Chapter Three of 'Keep This Wolf' Here Draco/Harry 1-3K n/a 1 for comment
20 The Voice of the King Here Bilbo/Thorin 1.1K n/a 1 for comment, 20 for set
21 Detention Again, Mr. Stilinski? Here Derek/Stiles 1.9K n/a 1 for comment
22 A Shared Hobby Here Hermione/Percy 1.1K hp_kinkfest 1 for comment, 10 for pairing
23 Don't Want to Die a Virgin Here Bill/Fleur/Harry 2K hp_kinkfest 1 for comment, 10 for pairing
24 A Divine Intemperance Here Draco/Harry 4.8K hp_kinkfest 1 for comment
25 Be Near Me Here Charlie/Sirius Art charlieficathon 1 for comment
26 The One Where Stiles Reads The Scottish Wolf Lord Here Derek/Stiles 5K n/a 1 for comment
27 This Mortal Coil Here Lucius/Nagini Art hp_kinkfest 1 for comment
28 Phone Home Here Derek/Stiles 1K n/a 1 for comment
29 Helping Hands? Here Draco/Harry Art hp_darkarts 1 for comment
30 Gift from the Green Man Here Draco/Harry 3K hds_beltane 1 for comment
31 Signal In The Sky Here Derek/Stiles 38K n/a 1 for comment, 10 for length
32 Behind the Mask Here Derek/Stiles 110K n/a 1 for comment, 40 for length
33 A Touch of Silk Here Draco/Harry 4.4K hp_kinkfest 1 for comment
34 Portkeys: An Analysis Here Meta 1-3K hp_canon_love's meta fest 1 for comment
35 Ignoring the Sub Here Draco/Severus 2.2K hp_kinkfest 1 for comment
36 Chapter One of 'Burning Day' Here Draco/Harry 2.4K n/a 1 for comment
37 Tentmates Here Hugo/Rose 1.6K hp_kinkfest 1 for comment
38 The Phoenix and the Dragon Here Draco/Harry Art hp_kinkfest 1 for comment
39 Stability in Chaos Here Charlie, gen 406 charlieficathon 1 for comment
40 First Here Charlie, gen 116 charlieficathon 1 for comment, 20 for set

Total Points: 220 pts
Professor Longbottom: 40 pts
Professor Snape: 40 pts
Minerva McGonagall: 50 pts
Madam Hooch: 20 pts here
Harry Potter Fest: 30 pts
Harry Potter Pairing: 50 pts
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
writcraftwritcraft on May 3rd, 2014 10:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for the pimp! Have lots of fun :D

Go Ravenclaw!