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Wednesday Words

Hey! I actually got some words down this week! Not a lot, to be fair, but part of that is because I proofed about 325k words since the beginning of November (and beta'd some more on top of that) and most of my fannish energy has been devoted to Erised and Next Gen Fest at the moment. BUT, I outlined a wee Drarry ficlet that I'm feeling enthused about and I'm hoping that will be my gateway fic back into proper writing, because I really need to figure out what the hell I'm writing for HDBB....

Weekly Word Count (11/4 - 11/10) = 501

What I Worked On:
  • January [community profile] daily_deviant: went through initial edits and sent to beta!

  • Drarry Fic!: outlined!

Next Week's Goals
  • Drarry Fic!: I'd love to at least start drafting this one, if not actually finish! But I think that'll depend on how Erised proofing goes...

  • January [community profile] daily_deviant: go through beta edits if I get it back from beta, though no real rush on this one!
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