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Recent Recipes!

Like many people, I've taken the extra time at home this year to fall back in love with cooking and baking. I've had a lot of fun trying out new recipes, and I thought I might post little round-ups every once in a while of some of the recipes I've made recently and what I thought of them. I'd love to hear about any recipes you've been making lately  (new or tried and true!) as well, if you're so inclined!

This version is entirely made up of gluten-free recipes as my best friend from high school was staying with me for the past week and cannot have gluten. Another theme here, and one that will no doubt persist if I do any more of these, is that there are a lot of recipes from smitten kitchen because Deb is my favorite, and has such consistently amazing recipes that I can't stay away!

sheet pan chicken tikka from smitten kitchen
LOVE a good sheet pan meal, and this was delicious! I made it with all chicken thighs, and left out all the spicy bits of the marinade because I'm a baby, but it was easy, hearty, and tasty. Plus quite pretty! Another one I'll be making again for sure.

garlic butter baked salmon in foilfrom little spice jar
I had a coupon for BOGO free salmon filets at my grocery store, and decided to branch away from my usual brown sugar, butter, & garlic marinade for something a little different. This was really tasty, though I overcooked the salmon a smidge which wasn't the recipe's fault! I do prefer my go-to marinade, as it was what my dad always did growing up, but this was nice for a bit of a change-up.

Maple Sheet Pan Smoked Sausage with Butternut & Brussels Sprouts from how sweet eats
Another super easy sheet pan meal! I made this one with honey nut squash instead of butternut since they were on sale, and used a chicken apple sausage I had in the freezer. Came together really quickly and was flavorful and delicious!

hot chocolate mix from smittenkitchen
This was AMAZING. Maybe the best hot chocolate I've made? Use semi-sweet chocolate chips and made a cup with whole milk and it was seriously exactly what I wanted. I almost upped the sugar because I like it sweet and was worried it would be too bitter, but it was perfection as written. Great homemade gift as well as it'd ship/travel well, and super easy to make with ingredients I always have on hand.

salted peanut butter cookies from smittenkitchen
These are a take on the classic 3-ingredient GF PB cookies but, as the recipe promises, much more delicious. I'd bump up the salt on top next time, but otherwise these were a delight and very easy to whip up!

cranberry glazed chewy almond cookies from the kitchn
These were so much fun and such a unique cookie! I loved the chewy texture, and the cranberry frosting was so pretty and tart and easy to make. I'd probably add a bit less powdered sugar to the frosting next time as the taste was a little more distinct than I'd like, but definitely one I'd make again.

chocolate puddle cakes from smittenkitchen
Another GF dessert and one I've been wanting to make for ages, as there's an amazing dessert bar in Seattle that serves these up and it used to be a favorite haunt! This recipe serves two, was SO easy and quick to whip up with ingredients I always have on hand, and tastes/looks far more elaborate than it was. Perfect date night dessert and definitely one I'll be making again. This entry was originally posted here on Dreamwidth. Please comment there using OpenID
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