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Recent Recipes Part 2

I envisioned this being a ~monthly~ post but that is in a timeline where I am not using cooking/baking as a coping mechanism. Which... I mean, there are worse coping mechanisms? But given that I mostly live alone, it's not an ideal situation, because if I don't want to waste food, there's really only so much cooking I can do. *sigh* I've been making smaller batches of things + freezing leftovers, which has helped some, but definitely don't ask me how many cookies I've eaten this week....

quick, essential stove-top mac & cheese from smitten kitchen
Was craving carbs and cheese and was ALSO feeling lazy, and finally decided to test this man & cheese recipe. Love that you can make it in a single serving, it uses ingredients I always have on hand, and it only takes a few minutes longer than it takes to boil your pasta. I only had whole wheat penne in my cupboard, and I think it would be better with a smaller noodle (like shells or macaroni), but was still good with the penne.

homemade whole cranberry sauce from smitten kitchen
I had some leftover cranberries from the cookie recipe in my last post so I decided to make cranberry sauce from scratch for the first time. We were always a jellied-sauce-in-a-can family, though this recipe has made me a convert.... I made the first one in the post and it was a delight. I ate it alone, with a bit of custard, and mixed into plain greek yogurt and it was tasty in ALL the ways. :D

parmesan cream crackers from smitten kitchen
Had some leftover heavy cream so I revisited one of my all time favorite recipes. I know, I know, homemade crackers sound like way too much work, but they are SO freaking good, and really quite easy to make.

brussels sprouts and bacon frittata from smitten kitchen
This is one of her most recent posts and the minute I saw it my brain went WANT. I love everything in this frittata and it turned out truly delicious.

bird in a pie from guy fieri
My step mom used to make these for me when I was in college and then freeze them so that I would have some meals on those days when I didn't feel like cooking, and they were my FAVORITE. This was my first time actually making them for myself, and I couldn't find the right size tins anywhere so it ended up being a bit piecemeal, LOL. Turned out well, though I did add a bit of better than bouillon to the base for extra flavor. Makes a LOT (it says 4 servings, but most people would get closer to 6-8 meals out of it, depending on appetite. I got 12 this go-around)

Tuna Casserole from spend with pennies
No idea why, but I was craving this classic that I probably haven't had in about 20 years.... Not keen on peas or mushrooms, so I used carrots instead of peas and cream of celery soup instead of cream of mushroom, and it turned out yummy and comforting and exactly what I was craving.

Homemade Caramel Sauce froma classic twistReally easy and simple caramel sauce that turned out great! I tried to make the salted caramel version, but I don't think I stirred the salt in long enough, so most of it was at the bottom of the container and the last few spoonfuls were SALTY. Lesson learned for next time, but V delicious in coffee, or, you know, eaten by the spoonful.

brown sugar cookies from the kitchn
I wasn't planning to make these but then a bottle of molasses was next to the register at the grocery store and I remembered seeing this recipe and also remembered I had some dark brown sugar to use up before it turned into a rock and POOF cookies appeared. Not a heavy molasses flavor, but it adds a nice richness and these really do feel like grown up sugar cookies. Delicious with a glass of apple cider & bourbon. :D

baked pumpkin pudding & sour cream pudding from smitten kitchen
I had an opened can of pumpkin puree I needed to use up and these puddings caught my eye. Flavor was on point but texture was a bit strange, which I'm thinking might have been my fault because I always struggle with stovetop/baked puddings. Still edible though and definitely gave me the pumpkin pie vibes I was going for!

salted caramel pretzel blondies from the kitchn
I've basically been baking my way through the quarantine cookie edition from the kitchn and they've all been bangers so far. I generally bake a dozen, and then freeze the dough for the rest, so I have.... a lot of cookie dough in my fridge, LOL. But these are different in that they are bars, and despite the fact that it involves you making homemade caramels (which I've never done before and made me feel VERY accomplished) they were super easy, and have that sweet/salty thing that I adore. This entry was originally posted here on Dreamwidth. Please comment there using OpenID
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