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Wednesday Words

Not terrible progress this week, but I didn't quite hit my goal of three scenes. No real excuse, except that I've been horrifically tired the past week and just didn't have the energy to write at all for several days. I've started working out again after taking 3 months off post-surgery, and I think my body is still adjusting... Hopefully this next week will go better!

Weekly Word Count (1/27- 2/2) = 3,237

What I Worked On:
Next Week's Goals Other Fannish Activities!
  • Did various modly things over at[tumblr.com profile] harrydracobang, including officially closing author sign ups!

  • Responded to 30 fanfic comments

  • Read 114k words of fanfic (which doesn't include comfort rereads, of which there were several, likely over 100k?)

  • Was accepted to the forum/discord for the [tumblr.com profile] fanexus-dot-net beta!

  • Went fandom-free on Monday... for the most part
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