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Wednesday Words

Struggled a bit with writing this week, which I think is mostly due to the chapter I was working on for HDBB. I'm starting to get a bit worried because this fic deals with some heavy themes, and right now I'm not hitting quite the right emotional notes. Which is the kind of thing I often finesse in edits, and I much prefer to bang out a (very) rough complete draft before beginning edits, but with longer works I sometimes find I need to chunk things out because if I'm too sloppy with the earlier bits, it just gets rockier and rockier as I go. Not quite at a point where I need to pause and start editing to firm up the foundation, but it's a possibility I'm keeping in mind if I continue to struggle through the next few chapters.

Weekly Word Count (2/3- 2/9) = 2,855

What I Worked On:
Next Week's Goals
Other Fannish Activities!
  • Did various modly things over at[tumblr.com profile] harrydracobang

  • Responded to 22 fanfic comments

  • Read 55k words of fanfic

  • Went fandom-free on Tuesday... for the most part
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