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Wednesday Words

Fairly solid week! Hit my goals, made progress on a couple of projects, and wrote every single day since I had to push my fandom-free day back a couple of days. Which means this next writing week will have 2 non-writing days, so we'll see how things go!

Weekly Word Count (2/24- 3/2) = 4,697

What I Worked On:
  • [tumblr.com profile] harrydracobang: wrote 2 scenes.

  • Potential [tumblr.com profile] hd-wireless: wrote 1.5 scenes and refined outline. Still very much on the fence on if I'll actually be able to participate in the fest, as my priority is HDBB, but I really like the concept and I'm hopeful I'll be able to manage both.

Next Week's Goals
  • [tumblr.com profile] harrydracobang: draft at least two scenes, finalize outline.

  • Potential [tumblr.com profile] hd-wireless: write a scene.

  • Sterek!Fic: I'd really love to watch the movie inspo for this one and then refine the outline.

Other Fannish Activities!
  • Managed the first check in for[tumblr.com profile] harrydracobang

  • Responded to 13 fanfic comments

  • Read 49k words of fanfic

  • Didn't have a fandom-free day as I'm pushing it to tomorrow due to HDBB check-ins on Monday.
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