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Wednesday Words

Not a bad week all things considered. I took two days off of fandom and then a third off of writing because I had stuff on and couldn't muster the energy for the little free time I had that day. I also got distracted by an entirely new idea, which didn't derail me from my goals at least, but we'll see what happens in the upcoming weeks. It's hard because I know I *could* be spending more time writing and thus get a whole lot more writing done, and I have to constantly remind myself that being steady and consistent and not burning myself out is the best way for me to work, and even if my weekly word counts aren't as high as some people's, I'm hitting the benchmarks I need to be for the commitments I've made.

Weekly Word Count (3/3- 3/9) = 4,456

What I Worked On:
  • [tumblr.com profile] harrydracobang: wrote 2 scenes.

  • Potential [tumblr.com profile] hd-wireless: wrote 3 scenes, which actually sounds more impressive than it is because I ended up splitting what I thought would be one scene into 3 shorter ones. So I basically made as much progress as I was planning on, but at least it wasn't less?

  • New Plot Bunny: this idea came into my head and wouldn't leave me alone for several days so I sat down and outlined it.

Next Week's Goals
  • [tumblr.com profile] harrydracobang: draft at least two scenes, finalize outline.

  • Potential [tumblr.com profile] hd-wireless: write a scene.

  • Sterek!Fic: I'd really love to watch the movie inspo for this one and then refine the outline.

  • New Plot Bunny: I'm thinking this should be short and as I said, I'm really feeling the idea at the moment, so I might play around a bit with it if that's where my muse wants to go.

Other Fannish Activities!
  • Finished off managing the first check in for[tumblr.com profile] harrydracobang

  • Responded to 11 fanfic comments

  • Read 34k words of fanfic

  • Went fandom-free on Thursday & Monday!
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