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Wednesday Words

Oh man, this might be the roughest writing week I've had all year. My motivation and muse were both completely absent, partially because I'm at a point where I'm really struggling with my HDBB fic and I felt too guilty about working on my other fics before making any progress on that one. So I think I'm going to switch to editing for the next few weeks and see if that helps reinvigorate...

Weekly Word Count (3/31- 4/6) = 1,503

What I Worked On:
Next Week's Goals
Other Fannish Activities!
  • Baseline modly things for[tumblr.com profile] harrydracobang

  • Responded to 16 fanfic comments

  • Read 105k words of new-to-me fanfic

  • Went fandom-free on Monday!
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