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Wednesday Words

Not *quite* as many words as last week, but not terrible. I've been struggling a bit with my current Wincest fic more than the other two I've written, despite having started this one first, and I think I've realized it's because I'm writing it from Dean's POV and not Sam's, which is necessary for the fic, but I'm just not as good at his voice so it's more of a struggle. Still, I'm close to finishing, and it's good to flex those muscles.

Weekly Word Count (6/2-6/8) = 3,201

What I Worked On:
  • Rogue Samstiel Fuck or Die Bunny: went through beta edits and did final read-through.

  • Unwanted Wincest Bunny: wrote part of a scene.

  • A Relationship Unravels - HP: wrote two scenes and refined outline

Next Week's Goals
  • Unwanted Wincest Bunny: finish draft and do initial edits.

  • Rogue Samstiel Fuck or Die Bunny: post!

  • A Relationship Unravels - HP: write two scenes.

  • Monster Daddy Sam Collab: start properly outlining! We've been waiting to finish the series before digging into this one and should be done wanting... today. So I'm hoping to actually start poking at his one.
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