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FIC: The One You're With (Castiel/Sam, Explicit)

Look, ma, another fic!! And for a ship that I don't actually ship, LOL. But I have a bit of a ~thing~ for platonic sex and I couldn't resist writing this one. :D

Title: The One You're With

Author: [personal profile] gracerene

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing(s): Castiel/Sam, unrequited Castiel/Dean and Dean/Sam

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: ~5,400

Content/Warnings: season 12, fuck or die, sex curses, frottage, platonic sex, POV Sam

Summary: Sam knows better than to touch anything in the bunker that looks even the slightest bit suspicious. And yet…

Author's Notes: Takes place nebulously in late season 12. No real spoilers or important context, but some events from the season and earlier ones are mentioned in passing.

All the thanks to [personal profile] shiftylinguini for shamelessly encouraging me to write this pairing and for the beta!

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