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Wednesday Words

Pretty solid week! Hopped around between a couple of different Wincest ideas before landing on a meatier one that I'm *super* into. So a good chunk of these words are outline words, but I still count 'em! I do think I'm going to need to rewatch some of the earlier season episodes though since this is the first fic I'm writing that takes place pre-apocalypse and I want to get a feel for their younger canon selves. This is the first fandom in a loooong time that I've gotten so into and it feels a bit weird to not really be that into HP, but I'm just happy there's still a writing spark!

Weekly Word Count (6/16-6/22) = 7,021

What I Worked On:
  • A Relationship Unravels - HP: wrote two scenes.

  • Size!Kink!Wincest: wrote a paragraph or two and sort-of outlined.

  • Vampire!Wincest: outlined and wrote the first scene!

  • Prison Break!Wincest: outlined and wrote the first draft!

Next Week's Goals
  • Unwanted Wincest Bunny: go through edits if I get back from beta.

  • A Relationship Unravels - HP: write two scenes.

  • Vampire!Wincest: write two scenes.

  • Prison Break!Wincest: do initial read-through/edits.
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