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Wednesday Words

Great writing week! Which is a but surprising because I was at my parents for the full week and generally write less when I'm there. But I wrote every day and, to be fair, a good chunk of these words are outline words and/or collab words so I didn't necessarily write them all. But I'm enjoying writing and feeling quite inspired/excited about my projects which is awesome.

Weekly Word Count (6/30-7/6) = 9,036

What I Worked On:
  • A Relationship Unravels - HP: refined outline & wrote 2 scenes.

  • Vampire!Wincest: wrote 2 scenes and most of another.

  • Monster Daddy Sam Collab: got a good chunk outlined and cowrote most of the first scene!

Next Week's Goals
  • Unwanted Wincest Bunny: go through edits if I get back from beta.

  • A Relationship Unravels - HP: write two scenes.

  • Vampire!Wincest: finish current scene scene write two others.

  • Prison Break!Wincest: send to beta.

  • Monster Daddy Sam Collab: finish current scene and get started on the next.
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