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Wednesday Words

Not a bad week! Had another zero word day, and a couple of other lower word-count days, but they were balanced out by some more prolific days so it all worked out in the end. Still very much enjoying the things I am writing which is just... really nice.

Weekly Word Count (7/14-7/20) = 7,010

What I Worked On:
  • A Relationship Unravels - HP: wrote one scene.

  • Vampire!Wincest: finished a partially written scene, and finished another.

  • Monster Daddy Sam Collab: possibly finished writing a scene? Got to a good stopping point but could also expand, so TBD...

  • Unwanted Wincest Bunny: went through beta comments, did final read-through, and prepped for posting!

  • Sastiel Fic Sequel: wrote a snippet of conversation that wouldn't leave me alone. This is a possible sequel to my Sastiel fic, though would either be gen or Wincest, I haven't actually decided LOL.

Next Week's Goals
  • A Relationship Unravels - HP: write one scene.

  • Unwanted Wincest Bunny: post!

  • Vampire!Wincest: wite two scenes.

  • Prison Break!Wincest: send to beta.

  • Monster Daddy Sam Collab: my partner & I had an idea that would possibly change our outline quite a bit so I'd like to decide one way or the other, since it'll hold up our writing until we do. And then I'd like to at least start writing another scene.
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