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September Writing Wrap-Up + October Goals


September Word Count Goal: 25,452 / 15,000

2021 Total Word Count Goal: 164,269 / 150,000

2021 Total Writing Days Goal: 197 / 220

Pretty pleased with my output this past month, especially as I had several days/weeks where I wasn't quite as prolific + a ton of modly responsibilities that cut quite heavily into my fandom time! I was worried I'd be on the low side but this is actually my highest WC month so far this year, though just by a hair. I was quite inspired on a number of projects which is always a great feeling AND I officially hit my word count goal for the year!! Honestly, if it had been an option at GYWO I would have shot for 175k, as 150k seemed low but 200k seemed high, but at this rate I might end the year closer to the 200k than the 150k, but we'll see how it all shakes out--the end of the year is always the busiest for me both IRL and with modly responsibilities so it's always a toss up how prolific I am.


  • A Relationship Unravels: went through second-round of initial edits and sent to beta!

  • [community profile] bbtp_challenge Wincest: did final read-through and posted! You can read it here.

  • Vampire!Wincest: finished the initial draft, and began edits!!

  • Deanmon Aftermath Wincest: got back from beta and went through final edits & posted! You can read it here.

  • Wincest Weed!Fic: finished draft and went through initial edits.

  • Potential Anti-Advent!Fic: read through and edited/finished writing missing bits from the existing first 15 chapters, refined/expanded outline, and wrote 2 chapters.

  • Drarry Gift Drabbles: wrote two of three planned drabbles.


October Word Count Goal: 15,000

15k is generally a fairly achievable monthly goal for me, and I'm going to keep it here for October. My biggest concern is that I've actually got a one week vacation this month with some of my very best friends, and I have absolutely no idea what that'll mean for my writing. I've got some shit to get down with my fics this month, so hopefully it doesn't throw me off too much, but it's a very much needed break so if it does, it's a price I'm willing to pay!

October Fics to Focus On
  • Vampire!Wincest: finish initial edits and find/send to beta! I would lowkey love to post this on Halloween, because vampires, but that might be a little ambitious given the length and the fact that I don't have a ton of betas in this fandom and they're pretty much all quite busy... We'll see!

  • S8 Wincest Feelz: go through edits if I get back from beta.

  • A Relationship Unravels: go through edits if I get back from beta.

  • Wincest Weed!Fic: send to beta.

  • Potential Anti-Advent!Fic: I would love to finish the draft so that I have all of November for editing/betaing/etc. However, that *might* be ambitious, so at the very least I'd love to write 4 of the 7 remaining chapters.

  • Drarry Gift Drabbles: finish and post.

  • Wincest Season Codas: lowkey aiming to write one episode-specific coda/missing scene for every season, and so far I'm at 4/15. Would love to write one this month, possibly for season 1 or 2 since I'm currently rewatching as I edit my Vampire Fic.

Upcoming Fics / Stuff on the back-burner
  • Future[insanejournal.com profile] daily_deviant: the comm is essentially on hiatus with no firm plans to return, but I'm planning to continue writing for it if they post themes or fest info.

  • Dream!Fic - HP: this is back on the back-burner as I've pulled in a different HP fic to work on for the moment.

  • Monster Daddy Sam Collab: sadly relegated to the back-burner for the moment as my collab buddy has some other projects to focus on.

  • Wincest Size!Kink: not a high priority, but something to come back to at some point.

  • Wincest Panty!Kink: not a high priority, but something to come back to at some point.

  • Sterek!AU: I think I might need to just accept that this is just not happening right now. I've got it outlined but I need to rewatch the movie inspiration to refine, and I've just not been in the mood.

  • Taking Chances Sequel: on indefinite hiatus. I've got several pages worth of ideas for the sequel, but it's in no cohesive plot form, and IDK if it'll ever come to life.

  • Pile O' Plot Bunnies: I currently have a list of over 20 concrete plot bunny ideas. Some of things I'll try and incorporate into fests or daily deviant themes. Some are sequels or codas to existing fics of mine. There are a couple of ideas here that I REALLY want to write at some point, so I'm always keeping an eye out for a good opportunity to prioritize one of my ideas.
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