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H/D Smoochfest 2014 Recs

hd_smoochfest is truly one of my favorite fests. It's H/D, always has fun themes, and there is a guaranteed happy ending, so it's pretty much the greatest thing ever.

This year's Media Remix theme was a ton of fun. SO much creativity in melding the HP world with all the various media inspirations. A lot more super AU/AR's than you normally see in fests, which I thought was really fun. This fest always produces a lot of longer fics, so I still have a few bookmarked to read. But since I might not get to those for a few months yet, I figured I would do a recs list now with my favorites. I really suggest checking out this year's masterlist for more awesome. [Especially all the art; so much pretty art!!]

banner by star_sailor13

Title: The Echoes of the Sea
Author: writcraft
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Draco/Astoria (brief references only)
Original Work Name: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~13,500
Content/Notes: AU: Fusion, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind fusion, light bondage, memory modification, bottom!harry, hd smoochfest 2014
Summary: Harry and Draco meet unexpectedly in a place which is familiar to them both. The plans they make together following their chance meeting are uprooted when they discover they share a history that neither of them can remember.
This movie is brilliant and the way it is fused with the HP verse is just perfection. I really thought their relationship was just beautifully developed, the memory flashbacks were so lovely, and the stormy atmosphere and the inn backdrop set the tone wonderfully.

Title: Waiting For You
Author: lauren3210
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, mentions of Ginny/Luna and Ron/Hermione
Original Work Name: White Collar
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~20,000
Content/Notes: AU: Fusion, White Collar fusion, auror!harry, thief!draco, bottom!draco, implied switching, office!sex, hd smoochfest 2014
Summary: After finding and catching the renowned art thief Draco Malfoy, Harry realises he needs his help and gets him released from Azkaban into his custody. But has Draco really decided to live a crime-free life? Or is he just biding his time until the right opportunity strikes?
So much to love. LOVE Draco as a thief, the profession just suits him I think. And the bantering and chemistry between him and Harry was just fantastic. Luna as an auror (and as Ginny's lover) was fantastic. Fun style and the ending was adorable and sweet.

Title: All the Ashes Like Leaves
Author: firethesound
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione
Original Work Name: The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham
Rating: R
Word Count: 21,000
Content/Notes: AU: Fusion, AU: Apocalypse, The day of the Triffids fusion, hd smoochfest 2014
Summary: Nothing about being the Chosen One had prepared Harry for this. With most of the population blinded and man-eating plants running amok, he can only stay close to his friends as they make their way to safety. Not that he’d call Malfoy a friend, but the end of the world does rather make their ongoing feud seem trivial. And it just figures that it took nothing short of an apocalypse to make Malfoy seem like less of a git.
Really fascinating fusion, and you don't have to have read the book it's based on for it to make sense. Wonderfully ominous and gorgeously written, this fic has all the makings of my favorite kind of apocalypse!fic.

Title: Life is a Twice Written Scroll
Author: lauren3210
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Original Work Name: The Butterfly Effect
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~23,000
Content/Notes: AU (sort-of), eighth year, light bondage, temporary major character deaths, bottom!harry, bottom!draco, switching, hd smoochfest 2014
Summary: The new world order hasn't been kind to Draco and his family, and he wishes it could all be different. So does Harry, although not for the same reasons. But as Draco works to fix the mistakes he made in the past, he finds his reasons for doing so changing in a way he never expected.
Awesome fic. I really loved seeing all the ways things changed based on the different decisions Draco made and how he tried to change things. Very interesting and powerful story.

Title: and Hope to Die
Author: olimakiella
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, background Hermione/Ron
Original Work Name: Skyfall (James Bond)
Word Count: ~24,400
Rating: Light R (I think this is probably more of a PG-13, personally)
Content/Notes: auror!harry, agent!draco, hd smoochfest
Summary: Strategically placed pieces of Wizarding artwork are going missing in the United Kingdom. Only, when the dots are connected to a darker plot, Harry Potter learns that there are classified places in the Ministry that only few people get to see. And just what the hell is the Centre of Magical Intelligence anyway?
Oh this was just wonderful! LOVED Draco in this and the whole idea of the CMI is so clever! Such a fun verse and I just loved their relationship here. Also, no sex in this, and the fact that I loved it enough to rec it anyways, should tell you how much I enjoyed it!

Title: The Darklist
Author: dysonrules
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, Harry/OMC
Original Work Name: The Blacklist
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 87,481
Content/Notes: auror!harry, criminal!draco, first time, character death (not H/D), bottom!draco, implied switching
Summary: When Draco Malfoy, wanted criminal, strolled into the Ministry to give himself up, he seemed destined for Azkaban, until he offered to hand over information to avert an upcoming crime. Of course, he refused to divulge that knowledge to anyone but Harry Potter.
This fic, it's just fantastic. A truly wonderful Draco, funny and witty and unapologetically criminal. His interactions with everybody are awesome, but especially his friendships with Pansy, and Blaise, and even Goyle (love what the author did with this character!). The tension and chemistry and relationship development between Draco and Harry is perfection and when they finally come together it's just lovely. Harry does start out the fic in a relationship with an OMC who, but it's not explicit (not even off screen!).
Tags: fandom: harry potter, fest: hd_smoochfest, pairing type: slash, pairing: draco/harry, rec: fic

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