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August Multi-Fandom Recs

I splashed around in a lot of different fandoms this month. Sometimes I just get a craving for a particular pairing, you know? Plus, I kept stumbling upon awesome reccers who (like me) rec in multiple fandoms. So I obviously had to check out their recommendations. :D

Totally recommend bea_recs. She has rec lists for a TON of different fandoms (she even has an H/D one that I still need to check out). She doesn't usually say why she's reccing something, but I've gone through her lists in multiple fandoms and they've all been pretty solid fics.

Title: talk to me
Author: favicon theappleppielifestyle
Pairings: Steve/Tony
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,749
Content/Notes dirty talk, implied bottom!steve, talk of switching
Summary: “I was offering to talk dirty to you so you’d stop thinking I was such a stick in the mud.”
Tony considers. Steve’s from the 40s, he assumes dirty talk back then wasn’t as graphic as it is today. “Go ahead.”
Steve cocks his head at him, lets his gaze linger on Tony’s mouth and the exposed collarbone before saying, “Sometimes when you’re doing tune-ups on your armour I think about stripping you out of it and fucking you against the desk in your workshop until you scream for me.”
"Holy god," Tony hears himself say, and Steve grins before continuing.
LOVE the dirty talk and super fun twist having Steve being the one doing the sexy talking!

Title: Spoiled Rotten
Author: favicon kehinki
Pairings: Steve/Tony
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,551
Content/Notes established relationship, daddy!kink, bottom!steve, rimming, felching, face-fucking, dirty talk
Summary: It doesn't take a whole lot of convincing to get Steve to call him 'daddy'.
Holy shit this fic killed me with the hot. Fucking dead sexy daddy!kink fic with a wonderfully playful vibe between Steve and Tony.

Title: i stole the keys to this guy
Author: kellifer_fic | favicon kellifer_fic
Pairings: Steve/Tony
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 6,007
Content/Notes fake/pretend relationship
Summary: Where it was Nick Fury's idea, but he didn't mean it like that
Oh this is just so adorable. Love this trope and it's wonderful here, filled with all the misunderstandings and sweet revelations. Lovely.

Title: i stole the keys to this guy
Author: favicon Poose
Pairings: Steve/Tony
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 8,623
Content/Notes AU: No Powers, established relationship, light D/s, barebacking, dirty talk, bottom!steve, sex tape
Summary: Steve and Tony make a sex tape. Exactly as sophisticated as it sounds. A non-powered AU of another AU that I haven't written yet. Contains zero plot.
Really seriously freaking hot fic. Basically 8k of fantastically awesome porn.

Title: Resisting Arrest
Author: brighteyed_jill | favicon BrighteyedJill
Pairing: Nathan/Peter
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,023
Notes: AU: No powers, AU: Not Related, cop!nathan, dub-con, car!sex, light bondage, outdoors!sex, bottom!peter
Summary: Detective Nathan Petrelli is sick of chasing around spoiled trust-fund kids. One of them gives him a reason to take advantage.
Haven't read a lot of AU's for this pairing, but this one was super hot!

Title: To Possess
Author: favicon acervate
Pairing: Bilbo/Thorin
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,251
Notes: established relationship, dirty talk, bottom!bilbo
Summary: It is the gold sickness Bilbo fears, yet the one he loves most relishes in it.
This fic is so hot. A bit darker and heartbreaking, with Thorin in the throes of the gold sickness, but still loving and possessive of his hobbit. And Bilbo so in love with him and desperate to pretend that everything is okay.

Title: Undone
Author: tailoredshirt
Pairing: Eames/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~2,200
Content/Warnings: rough sex, table!sex, bottom!arthur, partially clothed sex
Summary: Suit porn, straight up. Arthur takes Eames to his tailor.
Crazy hot fic with suited-up Eames fucking Arthur rough over a table.

Title: Thing Goes Here
Author: Anonymous
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,817
Content/Notes: established relationship, sex toys, bottom!arthur, inception kink meme
Summary: Eames convinces Arthur that it would be really hot if Arthur had a dildo/buttplug/vibrator in him all day, and Arthur reluctantly agrees. Only to realise he's more sensitive than he thought.
Jesus this was just crazy freaking hot. Loved the dynamic here.

Title: Kiss me hard before you go
Author: elsian | favicon Elsian
Pairings: Charles/Erik
Word Count: 2,820
Content/Notes bottom!charles
Summary: The tension between Charles and Erik on the plane comes to its obvious conclusion. Shameless porn, there is absolutely no point or plot here. Spoilers for DOFP
Beautifully written and crazy hot. All the bittersweet feels with the rough fucking, and then the slow, sweet heartbreaking sex afterwords.

Title: Into the Fray
Author: miss_aphelion | favicon miss_aphelion
Pairings: Charles/Erik
Word Count: 31,779
Content/Notes AU: Fusion, AU: No Powers, AU: Omega!verse, alpha/beta/omega dynamics, alpha!erik, omega!charles, hunger games fusion, bottom!charles, first time, marriage!fic, attempted rape/non-con, arranged marriage, x men first kink
Summary: Every year, two alphas are chosen from each district for a fight to death, and every year, a single omega is chosen to join them in the arena as the prize.
Erik Lehnsherr's name has been drawn to compete as an alpha tribute and he is set solely on survival, but he hadn't exactly counted on Charles, the mysterious omega tribute that isn't playing by any of the rules. Hunger Games AU.
I've read a lot of Hunger Games fusions in multiple fandoms, but I think this might be my favorite. I love how the a/b/o dynamics are woven into the story, it give it a really unique perspective. All the characters were incorporated brilliantly and the relationship between Charles and Erik was just wonderful.
Tags: fandom: heroes, fandom: inception, fandom: marvel, fandom: the avengers, fandom: the hobbit, fandom: x-men, pairing type: slash, pairing: arthur/eames, pairing: bilbo/thorin, pairing: charles/erik, pairing: nathan/peter, pairing: steve/tony, rec: fic

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