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reading list, sort of

I've been listening to mab's podfic of Turn by saras_girl, and it's so hard to pace myself! I only have chapter 12 left before I'm all caught up (though it's so long, it's more like 2 chapters) and it's going to be a struggle not to just give in a go read the fic for the last two chapters! The second half is my favorite part and it's been such a joy to hear the characters and conversations come to life in the podfic. I definitely recommend giving it a listen. It's perfect for commutes and cooking and blocking out boring work chatter and as background for playing The Sims 4....It's been giving me a lot of nostalgic H/D feels, since Turn was one of the earlier fics I read on discovering fandom, and I remember staying it bed until literally 4am reading it on my laptop, just obsessed.

So I've been going through my "Marked For Later" list on AO3, trying to find H/D fics I've been meaning to read. It turns out that The Price of Valour is the fic that has been on my list for the longest amount of time. And, well, it's 400K words long, so that's not exactly surprising. It's a bit daunting, really. But I think I'm going to start it today. The plan is to read one chapter a day to pace myself. Unless I get obsessed. Which is a definite possibility. In that case, I probably won't be sleeping for the next few days!

I actually should probably be reading, Leave No Soul Behind, this wonderful Kirk/Spock fic I was startedon the plane ride back from DC a few weeks ago. It's over 250K words (which is about twice as long as the longest fics I normally read), and I was halfway through it by the time my plane landed. The problem is, I just can't seem to motivate myself to finish it. I think the biggest problem is that where I ended, things were really good. They had just had sex for the first time and the morning after was sweet and there weren't any misunderstandings and it was all lovely. But there is still 125K left to go. No way are things staying happy for the rest of the fic. I'm too nervous to continue! Maybe I'll do the chapter-a-day thing with this one too...

I should also be reading The Silkworm, since I was finally able to check out the ebook from my library after being on the wait-list for ages. I also have the audiobook, so maybe I will listen to that to prevent me from pining for the rest of the Turn podfic. On a mildly related note, I put myself down on the wait-list for The Goldfinch, since I've heard such good things about it (mostly from kedavranox) and I am number 653 on the list. :/ There are 165 ebooks available, but I still think that one is going to be awhile...

Are you guys reading anything good?
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